Friday, 15 April 2011

Antonio Vitali Family

I love this family. The way each family member fits into a space left by another is beautiful. Swiss designer Antonio Vitali made these for Creative Playthings.


  1. I've always wanted this Vitali set, amazing find on your Bojesen Tim Dog. If I only had a lot of money to spend...

  2. I also saw the beautiful Vitali cat, far too expensive for me. My Vitali family was also a great ebay find, It cost me next to nothing. I think it was listed as "carved wooden figurines". I enjoy looking at what is on offer with different word combinations. I usually come up with nothing but sometimes I'm lucky!
    Beautiful design shouts above the mundain.
    If you like Hans Bolling's "Pessimist" one just passed without a bid my favourite Bolling . I am pretty sure you could still get it for $4.99. I thought about it but customs may have held onto it [Fur is a customs risk to Australia].
    I like your style and have enjoyed your blog.

  3. Hi Folks! I just listed this wooden family set by Antonio Vitali on ebay. Starts at $50, no reserve.

  4. Follow up on ebay listing. Listed sale price $1875.00. Congratulations Straw to Gold.

  5. hey... i didn't know how else to contact you but I know very little about Antonio Vitali and I believe I may have stumbled upon a bull/ calf set. They aren't in the best shape but I'd like to email you the pics so you can take a look. If anything, you can go through my contact page at (formerly


  6. Congratulations Vintage Scapes on your find!
    I am pleased I was able to help and be a part of your story.
    I look forward to seeing your blog entry.


    Anyone know about this Vitali hand puppet?

  8. I have a large number of what I believe to be Antonio Vitali wooden toys that I would like to get a value on.
    Could you please email me