Saturday, 17 September 2011

Antonio Vitali Family , Farm Animals

These beautiful Creative Playthings toys by Antonio Vitali above, sold on ebay for a little over $3000. I am curious to know whether these toys will form part of a personal or private collection or be scattered on the floor for some fortunate child to play with.

Over $2000 was realised for the sale of the Vitali vehicles and animals in the photo below.

Below is a lovely collection of 23 vintage wooden Vitali Figures. They sold for over $2500 on ebay.


  1. I am curious as to recent prices for Vitali toys. The car in the above photo sold for over $400 [ebay] yet a similar one recently ended with no bids at $50.
    Is there a purchaser prepared to pay top prices for models in order to re issue vitali pieces? Similar price spikes occurred with some Bojesen, Bolling and Kristian Vedel prior to re issue.
    Blog readers please add comment with further speculation or information.

  2. I grew up playing with these figures (along with my 4 siblings). Fortunately the pieces survived (even the babe in mothers arms). My daughter now gets to enjoy them!