Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Vntage Wooden Toy Caterpillar & Swiss Naef Juba

My kids love playing with this vintage wooden toy caterpillar. When placed in the hand carved wooden cocoon like dish it looks ready for transformation. However, when it emerges from the cocoon it is has not transformed into a butterfly but remains a beautiful caterpillar.
The contrasting light and dark woods remind me of the wooden animals of Danish Kay Bojesen or the Schooline figures from Japan . The caterpillars movement and play potential bring to mind Naef's Juba by Xavier De Clippelier.

Above my beautiful wooden vintage toy. Below Switzerland's Naef Juba. Image © Naef Spiele AG 

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  1. Oh! at first I thought they were peas in a pod. I love that they have movement as well as look beautiful.